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Plant #1 - ADOT #2041: Yuma
3515 E Gila Ridge Road
Yuma, Arizona 85366
Plant #2 - ADOT #2141: Wellton
10283 S Avenue 31E
Wellton, AZ 85356
Plant #3 - ADOT #437: Foothills
5401 S Highway 95
Yuma, AZ 85365
Plant #4 - ADOT #2265: South
19461 S Avenue B
Somerton, AZ 85350
Sixty percent of the 47,744 mile U.S. Interstate Highway System was built of concrete.
Heavy Load
Concrete naturally can support the heaviest loads, such as truck traffic and increasingly larger vehicles like jumbo-jets.
Bellefontaine, Ohio
America's first concrete street, built in 1891 in Bellefontaine, Ohio, is still in service today!
Certification of Crane Operators
Arizona Trucking Association
The voice of small businesses
Greater Yuma Economic Development Corporation